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Vicki Smith & Hugh Mackenzie
1/10/2015 - 1/24/2015

Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto is pleased to be exhibiting new work by two Toronto based artists, Hugh Mackenzie and Vicki Smith. rnrnHugh Mackenzie (b. 1928) is a widely respected Canadian artist with an impressive oeuvre of artwork. Mackenzie has been exhibiting his artwork since 1958, and is represented in numerous catalogues and publications as well as many important public collections. Beginning as a high realist painter before turning to abstraction, Mackenzie has been known to work in the mediums of egg tempera, oil, and etching. Mackenzie has held an important presence in Canadian art for decades. He spent his professional career as an art educator, working at the Ontario College of Art from 1968 until 1991, where he met artist Vicki Smith. Smith was a student of Mackenzie’s, and he has been a continuous inspiration to Smith throughout her artistic career. Smith is known for her paintings of female figures. They float, fly, emerge and disappear in the broken surface of the water; a space with infinite boundaries. The paintings have a beautiful deep calm.rnrnThis exhibition will be the first time that both artists will exhibit their work alongside each other in a joint exhibition. rn

Ted Fullerton
10/3/2013 - 10/17/2013

Ted Fullerton graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1976. In 1993 and 1994, he was artist-in-residence at Cape Dorset, and at Canadore College in North Bay. Fullerton works in contemporary painting, printmaking and sculpture, and has achieved numerous awards such as the Juror's Award in the CIM Centennial Art Competition and the Boston Printmaker's Juried Exhibition award. His significant sculpture commissions are for the City of Kitchener and the Davenport Architectural Corp. He has exhibited across Canada as well as in England, Australia, Spain and Yugoslavia.

Group Show Featuring Vicki Smith
8/11/2012 - 8/25/2012

Bau-Xi Gallery's annual summer group show features work by Vicki Smith as well as favourites from other popular artists.

Vicki Smith is known for her paintings of female figures that explore the possibilities and limitations of gravity. In Smith’s latest series of paintings the figures play with gravity in the water. They float, fly, emerge and disappear in the broken surface of the water; a space with infinite boundaries. The paintings have a beautiful deep calm.

Bobbie Burgers
4/16/2015 - 4/30/2015

Bobbie Burgers is an internationally recognized artist, well known for her large scale paintings possessing strong, assured brush work and a keen contemporary sense of colour. Her work possesses a lusciousness; smooth yet wild textures and colours command the viewers attention and portray her subjects as fleeting moments in time. Believing that the tragedy of beauty is its inevitability to fade, Burgers’ work delves into complex and evolving ideas surrounding life and the contradictions that exist within it. According to art critic Dorota Kozinska: "Her subject matter never feels excised from nature, but rather breathed in and exhaled as art. Unstructured, bold, her textured paintings reveal layers of emotions, with brushstrokes gliding across a canvas like a caress, exposing dimensions of color and tone that subvert the nature of the flower, transforming it into a painterly landscape of abstract proportions. Expressionistic, unencumbered, her large acrylic paintings belong to a contemporary school of art, and within it, to Bobbie Burgers alone."

Drew Burnham
2/22/2014 - 3/8/2014

Upcoming exhibiton 'Silent Stories' to be held at Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, opening February 22nd, 2014. Contact us at to receive advance preview of this exhibition. Exhibiting work since the 1965, Drew Burnham is well known for his stylized, fluid lines and vivid colours portraying both the natural and urban environment. Burnham trained with Don Jarvis and Toni Onley, and studied architectural rendering as well as Fine Art at the Vancouver School of Art and at the University of Victoria. Burnham's paintings are in many private and corporate collections, including the City of Vancouver, Edmonton Art Gallery, Athabaska University, and Polygon Development. He has participated in numerous community projects and benefits including BC week in Japan and the Canadian Cancer Society. He has received many awards including two Canada Council Short Term Grants.

Tom Burrows 'The China Effect'
10/13/2012 - 10/27/2012

Canadian modernism master Tom Burrows first began experimenting with poured polymer panels in the late 1960s while attending St. Martins school in London. With this medium, Burrows creates subtle, translucent abstractions that appear as colourful paintings that seem to glow from within. Burrows’ work can be found in survey books of Canadian modern art, as well as in traveling survey exhibitions representing Canadian art of the 1960s, 1970s and 1990s. His work has been presented in solo exhibitions in London, Rome, Tokyo, Ber lin, New York, Edinburgh and across Canada, with pieces held in important private, corporate and public collections around the globe.

John Barkley
4/27/2013 - 5/11/2013

The Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto is pleased to be exhibiting the new work of established Canadian painter, John Barkley. Barkley’s paintings explore humanity’s relationship to nature and his existential concerns while experimenting with paint application.rnJohn Barkley is an experimental painter living in Chelsea, Quebec. Barkley has been pursuing a professional artistic practice since 1996. In the last seven years he has been able to work in his studio, in Wakefield Quebec, as a full time artist. Barkley’s works have been exhibited extensively and have been reviewed in LeDroit, The Ottawa Citizen, and The Globe and Mail. His paintings are part of numerous private and corporate collections.

Bobbie Burgers: Respire
6/8/2013 - 6/22/2013

The Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto is thrilled to be exhibiting the newest work of Bobbie Burgers. Bobbie Burgers is a Vancouver based painter who is well-known for her luscious bouquets, blown up botanicals, and stunning pastoral landscapes. Her paintings posses strong, assured brushwork and a focus on sumptuous colour and wild movement. Bobbie Burgers received a B.A. in Art History in 1996 from the University of Victoria, and has been represented by the Bau-Xi Gallery for over a decade. With over 60 solo exhibitions, Burgers has attained international stature.

Bratsa Bonifacho
10/19/2013 - 10/31/2013

Internationally acclaimed artist Bratsa Bonifacho continues with his signature use of fragmented words, numbers and symbols in this collection of brightly coloured, richly textured canvases. Through his paintings, Bonifacho explores tensions in contemporary digital society, politics, memory and art. This internationally recognized artist has a consistent presence in Canada's, and Europe's art scene, and his works are found in private, corporate, and public collections across Canada and around the world.

Upper Gallery: Casey McGlynn
10/13/2012 - 10/27/2012

Casey McGlynn grew up in rural Ontario, where he would sit in front of the television and draw on old grocery bags and scrap paper tirelessly, creating self-taught surrealist pop art. Later in life, McGlynn attended the Ontario College of Art and Design. Being added to the Bau-Xi Gallery’s stable at a very young age, McGlynn’s work contains spontaneity, originality and raw energy found more often in Outsider Art. McGlynn’s paintings are as much about revealing the truth and expressing emotions, as it is about documenting actual fact. McGlynn has been exhibited through Canada, the United States and Europe.

Tom Campbell: Elemental Excursions
9/14/2013 - 9/28/2013

Tom Campbell’s paintings show glimpses of daily life, snapshots of moments in time. While previously his work focused on the representation of life in the city, this new body of work is concerned with the rituals that human beings participate in when reconnecting with nature. While exploring the human relationship to elemental components, such as rock, water, fire and forest, Campbell is portraying Canadians ‘getting back to the land’. There is a timeless quality to his work that is contrasted with the contemporary commonplace circumstances that are depicted.

Frederick Hagan: Lakeside Summers
9/14/2013 - 9/28/2013

Frederick Hagan’s career as a painter, lithographer, watercolourist, and art instructor spanned more than seven decades and inspired generations of emerging young artists. He is not specifically affiliated with a particular art movement or school of thought, but rather his work has been described as autobiographical. ‘Lakeside Summers’ will include a selection of paintings and watercolours from the artists career through the period 1955-1959. Hagan’s long and impressive career has awarded him placement in the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and many other important collections. Frederick Hagan passed away September 6, 2003 at age 85.

Brent Boechler
8/10/2013 - 8/24/2013

Brent Boechler is a self-taught artist who works with acrylic on panel and mixed media on paper. His approach to his work is highly process driven, relying on a balance of chance and intuition to create multi-layered paintings that have been described as, "...abstract figurative landscapes with an internal glowing luminosity...". Boechler's work can be found in numerous public institutions, private collections and corporate collections worldwide.

Casey McGlynn
2/1/2014 - 2/15/2014

As a child in rural Ontario, Casey McGlynn sat in front of the television and tirelessly drew on old grocery bags and scrap paper, creating self-taught surrealist pop art. Reoccurring symbols from his life emerge in McGlynn’s work, and are often multi-representational. The large man may be McGlynn, the bird is a woman friend, and horses are symbolic of his past life and memories. Birds from his studio window flutter across the canvas as compositional elements, and numbers from memorized math tables are interjected between phrases. Painting and creating art is a way for McGlynn to make sense of a chaotic world, “painting is the only time in my life that I’m not constantly thinking and over analyzing everything I do.” McGlynn graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1997, and has exhibited throughout Canada and the United States. His work is in public and private collections both nationally and abroad.

Steven Nederveen: Fragments
11/9/2013 - 11/23/2013

Steven Nederveen’s artwork deals with the passage of time, and ideas of memory, a theme stemming from his own practice of meditation. These moments of peaceful clarity lead the artist to draw connections between our natural environment and aspects of spirituality through his process of combining painting and photography. This most recent series, Fragments, is based on an expedition into the wilderness, and includes varying imagery and fragments that reflect this theme. Nederveen studied fine art at Medicine Hat College and went on to receive a Bachelor of Design from the University of Alberta in 1995. His studio is currently based out of Toronto. Nederveen’s work is featured internationally in galleries, art fairs, magazines, and many private collections.

Alex Cameron
3/7/2015 - 3/21/2015

Alex Cameron studied at the New School of Art under Graham Coughtry, Gordon Rayner, Dennis Burton and Robert Markle. His involvement in the arts community was further solidified through positions working as Jack Bush’s studio assistant, a preparator at the Art Gallery of Ontario, at the David Mirvish Gallery, and by maintaining an ongoing close relationship with Clement Greenberg. Cameron has been exhibiting since 1971, and was included in the important and prestigious group shows: ‘Four Toronto Painters’ at the Art Gallery of Ontario, 1976, and ‘14 Canadians’ at the Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, 1977. In 1985, he was the subject of a major exhibition at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa: ‘Alex Cameron In Mid-Career’, a retrospective of the first 13 years of his career. He has been widely reviewed in such publications as The Globe and Mail, Arts Canada Magazine, D’Art International, The Toronto Star, Toronto Life, Art Post, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald and The ARTnews. Cameron’s painting career was also recently surveyed in Roald Nasgaard’s ‘Abstract Painting in Canada’. Alex Cameron’s current artwork displays the virtuosity of an artist in his prime as he continues to create new bold, colourful landscapes that have developed from his abstract practice.

Bratsa Bonifacho
2/7/2015 - 2/21/2015

Internationally recognized, Vancouver-based artist Bratsa Bonifacho explores tensions in contemporary digital society, politics, memory and art. He states, "I communicate and express essentially non-verbal thoughts and emotions abstractly, within the discipline of formalism - through colour and shape, gesture and surface." Bonifacho’s abstract works are heavily textured and deep with layers of vivid colour. His paintings can be found in private, corporate, and public collections across Canada and around the world.

Vicki Smith
8/10/2013 - 8/22/2013

Vicki Smith studied fine art at the Ontario College of Art, graduating in 1981 with honours. Her 4th year of study was completed in Florence Italy. Smith is known for her paintings of female figures. The figures explore the possibilities and limitations of gravity. Often shown suspended in dark air, twisted and upside down, falling into and out of the picture plane, the figures are often so precariously placed upon the canvas that they threaten to slip away. Though rarely grounded, they are always balanced.

Tracey Tarling
10/3/2013 - 10/17/2013

Tracey Tarling studied painting and sculpture at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design. For the last several years, Tarling has been working on a series of paintings and monotypes that reflect her interest in transformation, passages and regrowth. Using oil and plaster on wood, in an age-old technique, her surfaces suggest ethereal landscape of trees, leaves and rock, life cycles and watery curves. Fragile botanical fragments float and decay in the process of rejuvenation. Black marks heavily weighted in charcoal and graphite are sanded and scratched, with reference to process, struggle, and hope.

FREDERICK HAGAN: Canadian Shield: A Collection of Watercolours
7/11/2015 - 7/25/2015

Upper Gallery Reception Sat 4 July, 2-4PM Frederick Hagan’s upcoming exhibition presents a beautifully curated selection of this significant artist’s watercolour landscape paintings. The paintings in this show date from 1979-1991, and focus on Hagan’s summers spent lakeside during these years. The work portrays an intimate celebration of nature. Frederick Hagan’s long and impressive career has awarded him placement in the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and many other important collections. Hagan passed away September 6, 2003 at age 85.

Darlene Cole - Armoire
12/7/2013 - 12/22/2013

This highly anticipated new collection 'Armoire' by Darlene Cole features her signature curious narrative in watercolour-like oil paintings.

Janna Watson
3/15/2014 - 3/29/2014

Janna Watson grew up in Flesherton, Ontario and received her BFA with Honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2008. Now based in Toronto, Watson is a shining example of a young emerging artist making a significant mark on the Canadian art scene. Watson’s work can be found in several significant collections including the TD Bank Financial Group, CIBC, and the Soho Metropolitan Hotel. Watson was recently featured in the Toronto Star for the inclusion of six of her paintings in the main lobby of the new Ritz Carleton Hotel in Toronto. She is represented by the Bau-Xi Gallery in both Toronto and Vancouver.

Alex Cameron
1/11/2014 - 1/25/2014

Alex Cameron is celebrated as a well known contemporary painter with an exceptional outlook on the world. His oils, watercolours and early acrylics are in many museums, corporate and private collections and catalogues. Alex’s current work displays the virtuosity of an artist in his prime as he continues to create new abstract and landscape canvases that are among the best. Cameron studied at the New School of Art in Toronto under Graham Coughtry as well as Gordon Rayner, Dennis Burton, and Bob Markle. He worked as a preparator at the Art Gallery of Ontario and as a studio assistant for Jack Bush. Cameron was strongly influenced by Painters Eleven members William Ronald, Kazuo Nakamura and Ray Mead whose work Cameron much admired.

David Alexander
4/6/2013 - 4/20/2013

Bau-Xi Gallery is thrilled to be holding a new exhibition featuring David Alexander’s signature landscapes and abstracted water reflections. These exhilarating vistas and striking waterscapes represent his significant career through a bold palette and gestural paint application. With an exhibition career spanning over four decades, and over 100 public and commercial gallery exhibitions, Alexander’s work is entrenched in the Canadian art dialogue. His paintings can be found in many public and private collections throughout Canada and around the world.

Gordon Wiens
12/7/2013 - 12/22/2013

Gordon Wiens (BC) paints beautifully layered abstract works on canvas.

Tien Huang

Bau-Xi Gallery opened in 1965 in Vancouver, BC to create a showcase for the many emerging and established Canadian artists in need of a gallery on the West Coast. Since its inception, Bau-Xi Gallery has been recognized as one of Canada’s most highly regarded art galleries, with a reputation founded on adherence to the highest standards in quality of art and service to clients.

The Gallery has been a member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada since the early 1970s, and in Vancouver, a founding member of the South Granville Gallery Association. Over the years, the iconic Vancouver gallery has expanded to include Foster/White Gallery in Seattle, Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto, and Bau-Xi Photo, which is one of the few strictly photography galleries in Toronto.